E-commerce businesses must prepare for extended holiday shopping season

Retailers expect shoppers to flock to stores early this holiday season.

While early projections for this holiday shopping season predict only a modest sales increase from last year, retailers who accept credit cards online could benefit from modified consumer spending habits this holiday season.

With the national unemployment rate still hovering at around 9 percent, many Americans are looking for bargains and trying to remain thrifty. Retailers began slashing prices this fall in preparation for the November and December holiday shopping season, which usually accounts for 40 percent of their annual revenue, according to the Washington Post.

An October 2011 PriceGrabber survey confirms that Americans are responding to early price cuts, as 53 percent of respondents said they would begin shopping earlier this year to find bargains and to spread out their purchases.

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“How Americans will react to shaky economic data is the question, but the good news for retailers is that shoppers have not yet thrown in the towel,” Dr. Jack Kleinhenz, chief economist at the National Retail Foundation, said in a press release.

These shopping behaviors seem to mimic those of consumers during the summer of 2011. A June 2011 PriceGrabber survey found that 69 percent of consumers planned to shop online during the back-to-school shopping season. PriceGrabber expects similar shopping behaviors to occur during the holiday season.

Owners of e-commerce businesses should conduct a payment process review soon, to ensure all aspects of their payment platforms are operating smoothly, before the expected surge in holiday spending later his month.

Apica suggests e-commerce business owners eliminate high-resolution images and video from web pages in order to expedite loading times, and to use small landing pages to house temporary promotions.

“E-retail competition is fierce. If a customer experiences problems on the site, the competition is a mere click away,” Sven Hammar, web performance expert and CEO of Apica, said in a press release.