Sleuth service empowers online dating users

A negative experience resulting from an online website can compel a client to request a chargeback for services rendered.

More people now meet over the internet than at bars and social events, according to an eHarmony survey. Dating websites have multiplied, but many still have not developed an effective strategy for reducing chargebacks.

Dating websites usually require a high-risk merchant account to operate because of the high number of transactions processed and the risk of chargebacks. If clients are not pleased with their date, they are unlikely to pay full price for the service. So how can online dating companies reduce chargebacks?

A new series of consumer workshops geared primarily toward women teaches its clients how to catch inaccuracies in online profiles before a dinner or movie are ever shared. InvestiDate provides users with strategies for looking into potential dates before meeting them in person, such as inspecting photographs closely and researching posted education or job histories.

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quot;No one is doing anything illegal or in a trench coat hiding behind a bush with #039;Pink Panther#039; music,quot; InvestiDate founder Maria Coder told the Washington Times. quot;It#039;s about looking for the information that is already out there.quot;

If a person determines that someone is not who they claim to be, he or she will likely avoid going on a date and continue paying their dating company for its service.

Businesses that open dating merchant accounts are aware of the risks that go along with operating such a company. But there is a lesson: If dating companies are able to diminish the possibility of unsatisfactory user experiences, they could reduce chargebacks and become more successful.

Dating companies may want offer ways for clients to verify the identify of potential dates. This would be in the interests of both the client and the company, as it would increase satisfaction and mitigate risk for clients, while reducing the prevalence of chargebacks for merchants, which require a lot of time to address individually.