Android's market surge puts e-commerce retailers on notice

Android smartphones are increasing in popularity

Gaming companies hoping to roll out the next big hit in the footsteps of “Angry Birds” should take note of new market research that shows Android-powered smartphones are gaining steam as the industry's leading gaming platform. That puts the onus on developers in this industry to offer card-not-present payment systems backed by high-risk merchant accounts that are compatible with Android phones.

Even though Apple has long had a strangehold on the market, as evidenced by the large number of users logged into its App Store, mobile market data firm Research2Guidance recently revealed data that suggested Android's operating system will soon become the dominant one among smartphone consumers.

Research2Guidance reports that while Apple sold a record-setting 20.3-million smartphones during the second quarter of 2011, Android phones retained a 48 percent share of the market. Additionally, while 74 percent of users who purchased apps via mobile stores owned Apple phones at the end of 2010, that figure dropped below 40 percent roughly six months later.

Analysts with the firm said game developers may increasingly choose to provide their apps on Android phones rather than Apple in the months and years ahead. Even so, many game developers recognize the ongoing value of Apple smartphones and most will likely aim to maintain a presence with that company.

Either way, gaming companies will need to create solutions that allow consumers using either type of phone to be able to pay for and access their games. A high-risk assessment with a trusted mobile payments consultant may put these developers in contact with reputable merchant account services and on track to becoming a force within their industry.