‘Angry Birds’ gains 100M more downloads over summer months

The "Angry Birds" brand has expanded beyond the gaming app to merchandise, such as this hoodie pictured on the app's co-founder Peter Vesterbacka

One of the most popular gaming titles in the market is growing at an even faster pace, according to new reports. "Angry Birds" continues to set an example for gaming developers looking to take advantage of a lucrative market by showing the value of working with payment processors backed by high-risk merchant accounts.

Andrew Stablow, the general manager of Roxio, the company that developed "Angry Birds", revealed at the recent Disrupt 2011 conference that the game topped 350 million total downloads this month.

A June announcement pegged the game's total downloads in the neighborhood of 200 million to 250 million, suggesting the "Angry Birds" consumer base grew by between 100 million and 150 million new users over the past three months.

That type of rapid growth necessitates merchant accounts robust enough to handle an extremely high volume of payment processing. Recent studies show a remarkable number of users convert from the application's free version to its paid version.

The game has expanded beyond a simple smartphone application to become a dominant gaming and pop culture brand. Aside from a variety of special versions, including "Angry Birds Seasons" and "Angry Birds Rio", Rovio has rolled out video content and consumer goods initiatives. T-shirts, toys and even a rumored "Angry Birds" animated movie are all products of the company's success with its game.

It's a model other gaming companies may want to emulate, but any success in that industry first starts with a grounded approach to delivering on consumer demand and satisfying core needs. That includes a payment processor that can not only handle heavy volumes, but also micro billing, mobile payments and international currencies.