Tablets becoming a force in internet commerce

Tablets are becoming increasingly popular for shopping

A new study on the buying activity of consumers using tablets may encourage more businesses to develop a mobile payment strategy that accommodates the devices. Arranging such a payment service in conjunction with offshore merchant accounts may allow companies to tap into a profitable market at a lower cost.

The report from Ability Commerce noted that while most e-commerce websites see the bulk of their web traffic coming from smartphones, more buyers make the commitment to purchase products via tablets. Three top retailers were surveyed, and the report showed that in one specific case, a merchant saw only 15 percent of its mobile traffic generated through Apple's iPad. Despite that low number, that same retailer saw more than 50 percent of its mobile purchases conducted via the iPad.

A separate retailer saw a whopping 91.5 percent of mobile sales generated from the iPad, partly because it had enabled a specific purchaing app for the device.

Analysts with the company said the survey showed consumers might be more comfortable conducting purchases via tablets because the devices are fairly similar in user experience to a standard laptop or computer. Comparatively, smartphones are much smaller and require shorter product descriptions and fewer opportunities for customer interaction.

While smartphones remain prevalent in the world of e-commerce, studies such as this imply purchasing potential may be greater on tablets. Pairing a tablet-based payment strategy with the cost-saving capabilities of an offshore merchant account may allow businesses to maximize resources and revenue. Companies readying for global payment expansion may want to consider such a move, since studies show consumers in certain parts of the world have warmed to the concept of mobile payments more quickly than domestic customers.