Accept credit cards online

The world of online shopping is growing exponentially, proving to be a lucrative venture for businesses of any size. Some lack physical storefronts and rely on online shopping portals exclusively to generate business, while others complement a traditional shopping offering with an online presence. Credit cards are the dominant tender in online transactions, making it vital for businesses to find a way to accept credit cards online.

While there are options on the market that can allow businesses to accept credit cards online, they don#39;t come with the expertise and advantages offered by Patricia Carlin Consulting. The professionals at Patricia Carlin Consulting can connect clients with a card-not-present solution that allows them to accept credit cards online in a way that#39;s both streamlined and cost-effective.

The value of accepting credit cards online

There#39;s no denying the growing impact of online shopping. More consumers turn to the internet for their retail and commerce needs, partly for its convenience but also because many feel they can find a wider selection online. Data from the U.S. Census Bureau highlights the developing trend in clear terms. According to a 2011 Census report, the percentage of retail sales that occur online has been climbing on a steady basis since 2002. In that year, 1.3 percent of total sales occurred online, but by 2011, that percentage had grown to 4.5 percent. Consumers spent roughly $167 billion in online transactions in 2010, a considerable increase from the $45 billion spent in 2002.

Simply put, the value of an online presence is significant. It#39;s critical that businesses take advantage of that trend and establish a purchasing portal that can accept credit cards online. Patricia Carlin Consulting can work with clients to develop a card-not-present strategy that means their respective needs and adds value to the business. The convenience of a streamlined online card processing service encourages site visitors to become repeat customers, establishing the foundations of brand loyalty online and providing direction that can lead to future growth. Whether they#39;re starting from the ground up or looking to enhance their existing card-not-present service, clients can put their trust in Patricia Carlin Consulting to provide expert consultation and link them with a suitable platform to accept credit cards online.

The pitfalls of other card-not-present platforms

Many businesses have already found ways to accept credit cards online through third-party card-not-present services, such as PayPal or a PayPal alternative. However, there are disadvantages to leaving these responsibilities to a third-party program instead of integrating a dedicated payment processing service to a business#39;s own website.

For starters, those third-party services bear significant processing costs and monthly fees, forcing companies to pour more money into the maintenance of their card-not-present platform. Additional costs associated with processing a sale and shipping a product to a customer can be difficult for business owners to calculate. Secondly, sales can be muddied when their card-not-present provider puts a hold on their offshore merchant accounts or delays a sale due to processing difficulties. Customer conversion can also be a challenge, since those services often redirect customers to another website to process payment, while some consumers express security concerns about signing up for yet another payment account.

Patricia Carlin Consulting can connect businesses witha newmerchant account providers that integrate with their website directly, freeing customers from the hassle and security concerns associated with third-party services. The specialists at Patricia Carlin Consulting can also advise on strategies and approaches that will encourage business growth and customer conversion. Establishing a card-not-present strategy is about more than the ability to accept credit cards online. It#39;s also about strengthening the bonds of consumer loyalty and laying the foundation for a strong future.