New merchant account

Starting a new online business can be a daunting task, and entrepreneurs will want to get every aspect of their business off on the right foot. That includes a card-not-present strategy that's cost-effective, easy-to-use and accessible for customers visiting their website for the first time. When it comes to establishing an new merchant account, Patricia Carlin Consulting can provide the experience and advice to ensure start-up clients adopt a payment processing service that best suits their needs.

Consultation and direction

Start-ups entertaining the notion of card-not-present services for the first time may find themselves overwhelmed with the complexity and elaborateness of the process. There are services to compare, negotiations to make and contracts to sign. To avoid frustration, many simply look to third-party companies, using PayPal or a PayPal alternative to process online payments.

However, many soon recognize the limitations of working with a third-party new merchant account service – inflexibility, mounting transaction fees, and unstable conversion rates. After all, many shoppers will have to leave a merchant's website in order to process a payment via PayPal or another service, and that could hurt the likelihood that they'll continue browsing the original site for more products.

A dedicated card-not-present system that is integrated with their website can help avoid these problems, but arranging a new merchant account can be a tricky matter, particularly for internet businesses that operate under a riskier model. For years, Patricia Carlin Consulting has acquired the expertise and industry knowledge to link clients with the payment processing systems that will best suit them. Clients looking to start a new merchant account will enjoy the benefits of working with Patricia Carlin Consulting, including a review of their offering, advice on compliance and regulatory issues and assistance on contract negotiations and product selection. Patricia Carlin Consulting's partnership with some of the industry's most flexible payment providers means clients will be put in touch with a new merchant account and processing system that works best for their website.

Merchant account management

Once their offshore merchant accounts are off the ground, clients might need management support for their service. Additionally, if their website becomes a hit with consumers, they may experience a high volume of transactions, which could lead them to focus more of their time on their new merchant account and less time on the business matters that are more important to them. While other payment services will leave a client out on an island in terms of support, Patricia Carlin Consulting can put its reputation as a leading advisory firm to use by helping clients tackle their high risk merchant accounts management.

Experts at Patricia Carlin Consulting can help clients sort through communications from merchant bank agents and vendors trying to sell them products, filter out offers that provide no value, and help ensure a healthy relationship between a client and their new payment processor. Patricia Carlin Consulting can also make recommendations that will improve their client's bottom line, ensuring their chargeback ratios are being properly managed and helping them avoid costly errors.

Expansion and development

As time goes on, clients may find their new merchant account has helped lead them to growth they never expected. The experts at Patricia Carlin Consulting can provide advice on new industry developments, trends and conditions, guiding them toward options that can lead to growth. Clients who have found a firm footing in their own market may want to consider opening a new merchant account in regions of the world that will encourage global expansion, and Patricia Carlin Consulting's knowledge of international markets positions the company as a leading consultancy on worldwide growth. Clients can trust Patricia Carlin Consulting to provide expert merchant account advice that may help them grow from a modest web start-up to a bustling internet business.