Offshore merchant accounts

Businesses that operate high risk internet ventures, want to spread their business out across multiple accounts, or are looking to gain a foothold in international markets may benefit from offshore merchant accounts. Arranging such an account may be a new experience for many merchants, and they'll need to exercise care during the potentially sensitive process. Patricia Carlin Consulting has the experience and advice businesses need to establish offshore merchant accounts with banks, helping them expand their company's reach in new ways.

Consultation and placement

Offshore merchant accounts can sometimes be difficult to establish. Companies that do not reside within the United States or that operate high-volume internet businesses are sometimes considered to be a higher risk by financial institutions. As a result, many take a significant amount of time to investigate these merchants before allowing them to establish offshore merchant accounts. If they are eventually able to open offshore merchant accounts, clients may have to deal with high processing fees. The advantages of accepting multiple types of currency and widening a company's profile can be worth the hassle, but some merchants remain frustrated with the process.

Patricia Carlin Consulting can provide solutions for clients working to establish offshore merchant accounts. The experts at Patricia Carlin Consulting have long been known to help a high risk merchant account develop a paypal alternative that are timely and cost-effective. Their partnerships with banks and financial institutions that are equipped and prepared to deal with offshore merchant accounts can help expedite the process, and their experience negotiating account contracts can help high-risk merchants achieve payment processing solutions that fit into their budget.

Merchants will first undergo a review and consultation process, when Patricia Carlin Consulting's experts will develop a strategy. Consultants will then advocate on their behalf, helping to connect them with a offshore bank and payment processor that suits their business model. Throughout the process, Patricia Carlin Consulting will remain transparent in terms of costs, fees and processes, limiting the number of expense- and requirement-related surprises.

Development and management

Once merchants have found a suitable banking partner and established the ability to accept credit cards online, Patricia Carlin Consulting can help with the management and development of their offshore merchant accounts. Some clients encounter high volumes when they begin processing payments online, and many find the responsibilities of managing offshore merchant accounts a time drain. Patricia Carlin Consulting's experts can assist with merchant account management, freeing up businesses so that they can focus on handling their own daily obligations.

Patricia Carlin Consulting's staff is equipped to reach out to processing account representatives, filter unnecessary promotional offers from banks and software vendors and direct merchants toward management solutions that can add value to their business. Patricia Carlin Consulting can also analyze the way merchants' payment processors receive and transmit data, which can affect their transaction volumes. This analysis may encourage more efficient data transfer, allowing clients to make the most of their offshore merchant accounts and payment processing system.

An eye towards the future

If a new merchant account is considering an expansion towards one particular international market, they may want to consider spreading out to others as well. Patricia Carlin Consulting can take a lead on merchants' global expansion efforts, helping them to establish offshore merchant accounts in a host of regions and countries. The company's representatives also have experience in migrating domestic merchants to offshore merchant accounts. Whatever their needs, Patricia Carlin Consulting is equipped to help businesses grow beyond their own borders, adopting payment processing services that will open their business up to new opportunities, both domestic and abroad.