How can we help you?

Our working knowledge of the payments industry is vast and thorough. Over the years we have been fortunate enough to have worked in nearly every facet of the card-not-present payments chain. We know what questions need to be asked to make accurate recommendations that will serve as value-add to your business. After an in-depth review of your current payment platform, issues, and future growth plans, our merchant service experts will outline and help execute an action plan that will streamline your payment processing and reduce both hard and soft costs by at least 15-40%.

Having a conversation is truly the only way to determine what your business needs to operate.  We provide  the hands-on experience and industry knowledge to enable our clients to efficiently accept credit cards, echecks, and alternative payments through multiple channels including online, mail order, call center, and in-person without having to integrate multiple vendors.  Our commitment is to provide you with the very best payment platform for your business.

Companies hire Patricia Carlin Consulting Group to:

  • Employ strategies to reduce total processing costs
  • Assist  with acquiring needs including negotiation of merchant service contracts and payment suite selection
  • Effectively take brick -n- mortar operations online
  • Help web start-ups establish reliable payment processing
  • Review current payments platform to ensure best of breed technology is being leveraged
  • Implement a proactive and cost-effective risk management program
  • Prepare and execute a chargeback reduction plan
  • Manage merchant account relationships acting as an advocate on behalf of their business
  • Assist with expansion into the global marketplace

Payment and merchant account providers are in the business to provide merchant account processing and risk management. They typically do not assist with the granular details such as managing chargeback ratios, ensuring data is being passed correctly to obtain the best qualifying rate, and researching emerging technologies that can benefit your particular business model. It is the responsibility of the merchant to do this. However, there is a huge gap in terms of the expertise needed to manage these aspects of your business on a day-to-day basis.  We cover that gap on your behalf.

From day 1, we are going to provide you with a scalable end-to-end payments solution that is specific to your requirements.